“Oh great, we’re running a brothel now too.”

“What the hell is this?”

John picked up the tangle of wires, watching them run in and out of blocks of putty. Dan scooped the bundle up carefully in his hands, putting it back on the workbench.

“Yeah, probably don’t want to be too rough with that. Bit unstable.”

“It’s a bomb?!”

“Only a small one.”

“And that?” John said, pointing at the rack of servers that had begun overflowing from the storage room. The hum had become incessant, mixing in with the voices of the hundreds of others who now called the tower block ‘home’.

“Oh, that’s just Scylla.”

“I haven’t met him yet.”

“He’s kind of not a he.”


“It. Advanced AI. Didn’t like the air force so we set up some servers and it’s been running the heating ever since.”

“A military AI is running our heating system?”

“And plumbing.”

“How did we end up like this Dan?”

“Well, you said anyone was welcome after The Blackout. Most people lost their homes, and this was the last tower block left. They just kind of… flocked here.”

“But the guns and the bombs and the cyber-killing machines…”

“And the drugs,” Dan cut in.

“And the drugs. Why did they set up here?”

“Supply and demand. People need things to keep happy. Other people make things to keep them happy.”

“And are they? Happy?” John said.

“Well, the prostitutes seem to be doing good business.”

“Oh great, we’re running a brothel now too.”

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