“They’re going to lose. You know that, right?”

“They’re going to lose. You know that, right?”

“It doesn’t matter to them.”

“But their defeat is inevitable. Every vessel they send we destroy. Every fighter is slain.”

“And yet still they fight.”

“It is madness!”

“Madness? The Scriup curls into a ball when death is near. It’s a holdover from their pre-enlightened days. A culture that can bend light and yet when faced with oncoming danger, they revert to frightened animals that can do nothing to defend themselves.”

“At least they don’t needlessly sacrifice themselves.”

“And the Angelico? Who shriek and plot and scheme, but for whom death is only something to be subverted, to skirt around until only the strongest survive.”

“Far more prudent.”

“And yet the humans, they fight. To their last breath. Watch them, kiss their mates and offspring and climb aboard ships made of metal and fly to certain death. No. It is not madness that keeps their bodies falling from the skies and filling the battlefields.”

“What could possess a creature to leave it’s family?”

“Love. Something far more deadly.”

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