Write a story which begins or ends in a barber shop.

“My father always said you can trust a blade. It has one purpose, one thing it does well and when it goes dull you just sharpen it and start all over again. I like that. The simplicity. Do you like that Benny?”

“Yeah. Sure thing Boss.”

“It’s the man holding the blade you’ve gotta be wary of. If you sit in this chair and look in that mirror and watch me hold this blade to your throat, you’ve gotta ask yourself, do I trust this man. Do I trust him enough to let him put that blade against my skin?”

“‘Course Boss.”

“And if he nicked you…”


“Would you think it’s an accident. An old man with old hands using an old blade. Maybe he’s just going soft. Lost his touch. Do you trust him still?”


“My father gave me this blade. It’s done me well. When I started this little shop, I charged twenty five cents and provided good conversation. And when I branched out and started supplying things my customers wanted, I bought new seats and a new sign but I kept the blade. Do you know why I kept the blade Benny?”

“‘Cuz it reminded you of your Pa?”

“Because I’m loyal Benny. Something you seem to have forgotten.”

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